Net Zero Needs Nuclear

Clean, reliable energy. Good jobs. Green innovations. That’s why Net Zero Needs Nuclear.

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A message from the Minister As we produce more of our own electricity – from wind farms in the North Sea and state-of-the-art British nuclear reactors – families will be much better protected from energy price spikes caused by volatile international fossil fuel markets.



Nuclear, alongside wind, is the lowest carbon electricity source on earth. Nuclear also has by far the smallest land footprint of any green energy source.



Nuclear is our only always-on, low-carbon power source. That makes nuclear a vital backbone of our energy security, and saving our planet from climate change.



Nuclear is the most jobs-rich form of low-carbon energy. The sector provides skilled, secure, well-paid work for tens of thousands of people in the UK and millions across the world.



Nuclear reactors can turn up or down to complement renewable generation, and are driving innovation in hydrogen and process heat for industrial decarbonisation.

Rolls Royce SMR Model

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